Sunday, 12 August 2012

Stormy Skies

The rainy season just past was disastrous. 
 (Not my voice or my video by the way, this was taken by a friend)
Although my city was unaffected, around my prefecture and surrounding prefectures there were serious floods, landslides and mountain-top communities isolated by floodwaters. There were a number of deaths (you can read more here and see some pictures here) and tens of thousands of people evacuated.

Day after day of thunderstorms and torrential rain took their toll on the collective mood of the city. 
Stormy Skies Over School: This photo was taken at noon.
It was miserable, especially since my employer requires me to commute by bicycle. In an ultimately futile attempt to stay dry I upgraded my rain suit. I love how fierce the model on the packaging is.
Making love to the camera with his eyes... or something
He may just be modelling a rain suit but he looks like he hopes Tyra will notice him if only he gives it his all.
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