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Buying Extra-Large Condoms in Japan

Chart from and therefore probably somewhat biased
Two disclaimers here:
  1. If you use normal condoms in your home country, you should have no problems finding condoms in Japan that fit (if you find regular Japanese condoms tight, try XL condoms. Don Quixote or Condomania will have them if you are having trouble finding them elsewhere). This post is about condoms that would be considered extra-large in a western country.
  2. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT EVER buy condoms larger than you actually need. They will not protect you or your partner. Plus, seriously, who has ever been impressed by a gift that was less impressive than the packaging? ^_~
I had intended this to be an informative post, but I sadly have to admit that even after extensive searching and asking embarrassing questions in all of my on-line Japan support groups I still haven't found a good solution for the problem how to acquire what we need in reasonable quantities without going bankrupt. I'm going to share what I was able to find here, but it is slim pickings unfortunately. If you can offer any advice (that is helpful rather than snide or vulgar, please!) I would be very grateful if you could leave a comment or drop me an email ^_^; This is not a sponsored or commissioned post, but condom manufactures, if you want to sponsor it どうぞ!

iHerb stocks Kimono Micro Thin Large at ¥ 1,331 for a box of twelve, plus shipping (depends on the size of the order but about ¥400) with no restriction on order size I am aware of and prompt delivery (often within a week). Although the kimono size chart shows these as larger than Trojan Magnums, in practice they feel smaller. On the other hand, they really are very thin.

FBC stocks Trojan Magnums at ¥3,224 for a box of twelve, plus shipping (depends on the size of the order but about ¥1000 plus  ¥1000 annual membership fee). Because they ship from the US you can only order one box at a time, and the shipments come once a month, so effectively only 12 condoms per month. Shipping takes 39-45 days from the ship sailing, but the ships come once a month so if you order right after the previous ship sailed you may be waiting over two months for your order. The Trojans are the best fit, but they are quite thick and feel rubbery. stocks:

Trojan Magnum X-Large Lubricated Condoms at ¥ 2,800 + ¥ 910 shipping for a box of 12 (more convenient than FBC if one is only purchasing the condoms, but if I were ordering food as well FBC would work actually out cheaper) and

Sir Richard's Condom Company Extra Large Condom at ¥ 1,315 + ¥ 990 shipping for a box of 12

and that's it, that is all I could find.  

Don't waste your time with these domestic brands, irrespective of claims made about size on the packaging:

They really aren't.

Although, it was kind of worth it just to have "Fist of the North Star" condoms on our possession...
Seriously, if you have any advice please share!
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  1. In the years before I was breeding I brought them in from home, Canada. I worried customs would find over a hundred condoms and ask, 'WTF are you planning to do to our women?!' but it never happened. I was sometimes optimistic, but when I had too many I traded them for beer at some profit from grateful Gaijin men.

    Amazon Japan had foreign brands, though hardly cheap, if you search by 'condoms', Japanese brands by 'コンドーム' of course.

    I find it incomprehensible that retailers allegedly serving we Gaijin, such as Costco, Flying Pig, and Foreign Buyers Club, rarely carry them. And yes, most of the 'Oubeijin' men of my acquaintance do find the Japanese ones uncomfortably snug. I have not asked Gaijin of other complexions, much less Japanese men, so make of what I've heard from 'Oubeijin' men whatever you want.

    Condoms kept me from premature parenthood, and may have kept me from STDs (as in I got none, but may never have been exposed); they are a fantastic technology, but they do throttle the bandwidth of intercourse. Were I single again, and in anything but the longest term relationship, I'd be using them yet; however, if in something stable, I'd look for other options. I've never pressured a woman to swallow hormones, which is why I ended up in condoms I suppose, though when my fiancee was already on them for other reasons, I cannot say I minded. Diaphragms? No experience of them as the pitcher: certainly not as the catcher. Must admit I have (rarely) resorted to withdrawal, but it's a poor long term strategy, and an assurance of pregnancy if the man is under thirty-five (self-control issues). Does nothing against STDs, needless to say. High bandwidth and naughtiness factor, though!

    Good luck.

    1. The customs interview would have been hilarious! Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, Costco was a big disappointment in some areas (especially since it is a 6 hour round trip for us). No condoms, no toothpaste with fluoride, no foreign "feminine hygiene" products or imported over the counter drugs... I guess import restrictions :/

  2. best to order them online in bulk.
    btw, Kimono Large is not actually large. it's an average condom that's flared (more headroom). all other options in the chart at the top of the post are better choices for those who really do need a larger condom.

    1. Can you recommend an online source that will ship to Japan?

  3. Hello,
    I usually buy some extra large size japanese condoms online here in Japan. The store I usually used is called "The best condoms in Japan" I hope it helps...


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