Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mountain Sakura and Shedding Shiba

I've written before about the horrors of the DREADED SHIBA SHED. Something new I noticed after we moved out to the 'burbs is how similar Hayate's blowing coat looks to the mountinas in spring when the mountain sakura (山桜) are in bloom. Although Hayate is black, his winter undercoat is white.

As he begins to shed, the wooly under-layer it pokes through in clumps that look weirdly similar to the pink and white blossoms poking out between the green leaves of the other mountain trees. In case you don't see what I mean immediately, here is an unnecessarily large number of photos...

Fancy paws.

It isn't only the sakura, either. Our area is fameous for wisteria and it blooms wild in the mountains surrounding the farming area to the south of the mountains. It's too early now, but late April and early May, purple and pink blooms poke out between the green. 
Since Kuri is "brown" (she's red, really) she doesn't look quite as much like a mountain but I feel bad leaving her out... and her shedding is just as plentiful as Hayate's. This came out just from a quick pat.

At least at this time of year it is easy to see where they dogs have been spending their time!
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