Saturday, 1 November 2014

Comfort: J-Bloggers' Carnival #3

Welcome to the third J-Bloggers' Carnival, and our first autumn edition. The theme this time was "Comfort", and I am delighted to share a wide range of takes on the topic.

Paul write about missing the scent of autumn in Japan at

Paul a.k.a Blue Shoe, was an ALT on the JET Program in Hyogo from 2008-2011. For the past five years he's been blogging about both the odd and mundane of life in Japan. Be sure to check out for anecdotes, Japanese study tips, and general Japan-related musings and news.

Jamie  wonders what makes a comfortable life in Japan at

Jamie is a part time seamstress (you can see her designs modeled exclusively on her), full time TV watcher, occasional movie goer, amateur vegetarian chef, part time Master's student and bookworm.  Frequently she gets lost in Japan and when not embarrassed blogs about it at  She lives in Tokyo and is currently planning her wedding.

Chicchai Mitsu shared her daily comforts at

Stacey writes about the pleasures of autumn in Japan at 

Stacey is an Australian, slightly forgetful mother of three boys living in Kobe. On top of working full time, she writes her own blog Can the kids speak Japanese? and for the KA mothers blog. What is KA? Just a bunch of kick-arse foreign mothers living in Japan and coping as well as we can!

While we don't usually associate pregnancy or visiting the doctor with "comfort", Life in Japan With Toddlers shows that in Japan these things can coincide at

My contribution actually looks at discomfort, just because I am contrary! I wrote about the role of food in culture shock.

For more posts of autumny goodness, check out


A huge thank-you to everyone who participated, I hope to see you again for the next carnival!
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