Friday, 8 May 2015

Things I See When I Run From Zombies (flashback Friday)

I'd read great things about the Zombies, Run! app, but my phone is too old an crap to run it. Last year I discovered that I can use the 5k training version, and since I can't actually run further than a block without collapsing in a gasping heap it was probably the better choice anyway. So, I loaded up some tunes and headed out. While most of the episodes are timed and will just interupt your music when the time is up, the prologue episode goes by songs. This was a bit of an issue... what was estimated to be a 45 minute work out took me an hour and a half. My playlist contained Iron Maiden, Amon Amath and Blind Guardian~ the guitar solos alone are the length of a whole pop song! Still, I loved the app and I loved exploring my neighbourhood. I saw so many awesome things on that first day that I was hooked (it was that time I encountered a wild pheasant). As soon as I got pregnant the running had to stop (I started vomiting 12 hours after conceiving and didn't stop until just before his head emerged), but here are some pictures from the couple of months I kept it up.

Misty farms
Caution: snakes
Stabby bamboo of death
Bloody moon
I had no idea there was a shrine in the middle of that patch of trees
So Cyberpunk- Koi under and oily film in what looked like an abandoned gated community
Early sakura
Oranges rotting on a tree before falling into the well. A sweet, sickly odor fills the still air. Zombies are close.
Old roofing tiles reclaimed by nature
I swear I heard moaning behind me...
Definitely a zombie lair
Hiding in the walls, perhaps
Wild wisteria
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