Sunday, 2 July 2017

Pictures are... Gone.

So Photobucket have suddenly decided they won't allow hotlinking, and have punished me by suspending my account (and locking all my photos) until I pay them a hefty ransom. Which I won't be doing, because I have no money. So... yeah. Screw them. I apologise that most of the pictures on this blog are no longer visible. Realistically I will never have the time to go through, find them all, re-upload them and fix the links. Other bloggers are experiencing the same thing, see:
Most people use Photobucket explicitly for the ability to link from images on Photobucket to other locations such as blogs and forums, so this seems like a baffling move.

Until you realize the scam that's afoot: The only way to get your images to show up again is to pay Photobucket $400, upfront, as an annual subscription to its most expensive plan.

Ah, I see. It's a ransom demand.

Edit: I was given a 12 hour window in which to download my photos. Luckily I saw the email in time (it just arrived, nighttime in Australia) and have been able to recover my pictures. Very relieved.
However, I have to say that I just don't have time to go back through hundreds of pictures and posts to reupload them all for a blog that's essentially no longer active. I'm sorry :(
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  1. Holy smokes, is that legal?! That is a ransom demand!

    1. Certainly hasn't earned them any good will!


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