Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Dreaded Shiba Shed

Spring is in full swing (it's been up to thirty this week, which is summer really, but whatever) and the great coat blow of 2012 has begun. One of the quirks of the shiba breed is that their thick, snow-proof undercoat blows out when the weather warms up. In some dogs this happens so suddenly that owners have been known to rush to the vet thinking that their dogs has mange. Mine blow theirs much more sedately, meaning that my apartment, clothes, food and usually mouth are full of fur for a good six weeks. I come home to this every day

Lucky she's cute as well as fluffy!

Another fun aspect of spring with shiba (well, my two at least) is that either because of the itchy fur or the warm nights or the early dawns they wake up... early. I get to enjoy pre-work walks that look like this

Sunrise: Officially NOT as romantic as sunset.

 Anyway, I went to the 100 yen store to stock up on lint rollers. I guess the picture of the dog must have been misleading to someone (probably an exhausted shiba owner)... leading to the warning message in the yellow box on the right-hand one.

If only one COULD use it directly on the dog....
A good roll in the clover helps with the itching...
...and playing in a vacant lot on a sunny afternoon cheers everyone up.
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