Thursday, 10 May 2012

Spring = Picnic Bento!

I love  being outdoors and picnics in particular, but the window in which the weather is pleasant enough (between being icy cold and steamy hot) is pretty narrow here. This spring I am determined not to waste a single sunny day! Every picnic is just another excuse to practice cute bento-making. I need a lot of practice... I suck at anything crafty as you can see from the broccoli monster's eyes. This bento was for my non-vegetarian husband by the way; the sun is made from a sausage.

Boy's Day display near the orphanage: Unrelated to this post but pretty.

 The old port area of my town is being made over into a trendy esplanade, and I love it. 
Isn't it pretty?
We had a picnic there recently with some friends and their kids. The water was so clear that we saw all sorts of marine life (much to the excitement of the children)

This jellyfish was HUGE!
This fish was tiny!
This bento was delicious, if carb-heavy.
This is not a bento, but my students made it for me (because I am Australian) <3
This is also not a bento... but how massive is this bag of shiitake mushrooms in my local supermarket?!
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