Monday, 29 October 2012

A Few of My Favourite (Early) Autumn Things

A crow enjoying the sunshine
Autumn is and always has been my favourite season, and living in a country that has deciduous forests makes it even better. We've had an odd season so far though. Summer went on hotter and wetter than usual later than usual, then the temperature dropped ten degrees in two days. We went from sleeping naked with no bed covers and the air conditioner pumping (sorry environment, but I was born and raised in a cold dry climate and there's no other way for me to survive here) to the following night breaking out our down quilts and flannelette PJs. October is ending and the leaves here in my neighbourhood remain stubbornly green (so much so that last week the neighbourhood association tied plastic autumn foliage to all the trees~ for real). Nevertheless, we have been able to enjoy the most rich golden sunlight I think I have ever seen and days on end of blue sky and fluffy clouds. So here in no particular order are a few of my favourite things from these early days of fall 2012.
Harvest time in southern Japan
This is my evening walk
by lantern light, a peek into old Japan
As it gets dark earlier, I have more chances to enjoy the castle at dusk when the "lanterns" are "lit"
Everyone wants to soak up the last of the sun and the parks are full of bubble-blowing kids and joy

Kuri enjoys picnic

Shiba picnic
Hayate thinks that he is a good boy who should get some fish too

Japan Harvest Moon
September's full moon is supposed to be the most beautiful of the year, but I think this one (today's) is pretty damn lovely
Rural harvest festival in Kyushu
At harvest time all sorts of interesting festivals happen
This is the "eat beef and shout festival", where people.. eat beef and enter a shouting competition
Japanese elementary school kids harvesting rice by hand
Harvesting rice with my kids
Green frog in white gloved hand
Saving little frogs from the rice paddy
Not as impressive as a rice harvest, but my peas are growing well
A spider lily suddenly popped up in the garden one day
This little cutie is helping protect my tomatoes
Shitake mushrooms as big as my hand

Japanese fall rice meals
From left to right: Mixed mushroom, matsutake mushroom and chestnut rice kits

Carrots roast with garlic and coriander seeds, glazed in star anise, red wine and orange juice and tossed with mint and feta
Pumpkin, paprika and walnut salad
Happy dog, golden fall sunlight
Technically not an autumn only thing, but I love the way he pokes the tip of his tongue out when he is happy
Kuri may be part lizard~ she is always sunning herself on this rock

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  1. The temperature seems to drop quite quickly in Japan. I love the cooler weather in Autumn along with the blue skies and crisp days.


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