Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Little Frog in the Big City

This little guy was clinging to the door of the bus I rode to work this morning. It was raining quite heavily and every time the bus took on passengers the door swung open, jerking the frog roughly. He clung on though. He was still holding on when I got off. I tried to rescue him but the bus pulled away too quickly. Maybe he was having an adventure and didn’t need rescuing. Maybe he held on until the final stop and didn’t lose his grip and slip to sudden death under the bus wheels.

Maybe, despite the final stop being in an industrial city, he climbed safely from the bus and found a little pond to live in and other frogs to sing duets to the rain with. I’ve been thinking about this little frog all day. I feel a bit like him right now, actually. No idea where I am going or what is happening, just clinging on because that’s taking all of my energy and I have none left to plan for what I will do when I get off.
I hope there is a pond.
I hope the other frogs will welcome me.
I don’t really want to eat bugs though. Got that, universe?
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  1. Hope you find the pond too!

    You sure about the bugs though? I heard chocolate covered critters can be tasty! :P

    1. Ha! I understand the environmental and social benefits of bug eating... but I'm gunna stick to plants only for now ;)


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