Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lucky Dip Bags 福袋

If you are after a bargain in Japan, you can’t go amiss during the first week of January. Almost every retailer puts together lucky dip bags of various values, and they go on sale for massively less than the retail value of the contents (one of my friends this year paid about $100 for a bag of clothes worth $700). Even if you end up with some unwanted items, the excitement of opening your mystery bag is a pleasure in itself. The classic lucky dip bag is a mystery, with just a price and a theme ($10 comfort bag, $20 enjoy cooking bag etc). This year most bags I saw for sale were taking a half-way approach, listing the kinds of things inside but not specifics (1 dress, 1 jacket, two t-shirts with patterns, a knitted cardigan). Other stores let you see exactly what is inside, even offering their lucky dips in clear plastic bags. I saw one or two stores that had given up on the whole “lucky dip” aspect and were selling “bags” into which customers could then put any three items from the sale bins. No fun at all.
Ugh, look at all the plastic >.<
I ended up with a couple of bits of clothing I will definitely never wear, but another fun thing about lucky bag season is meeting up with friends to swap around the bits we don’t want. I’m sure someone will want this…
Ugliest shirt in the world
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  1. Oh man, that sounds awesome! With my luck though, all the clothes will probably be really cute, but two sizes too small. (I'm a tall girl :/ )


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