Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Advertisments as (Post-)Adoption Fundraising?

It's pretty well known that adoption comes with some hefty initial financial costs. There are entire online communities dedicated to sharing adoption fund-raising ideas. We've never been comfortable asking for money, but I did look into some of the more innovative corporate partnership arrangements. Just Love Coffee sounded like a perfect match for us~ we love coffee, people could buy something pretty much everyone buys regularly anyway, we'd get some of the profits and the coffees are all farmed sustainably and purchased under fair trade conditions. Perfect! Unfortunately, however, the company at present only operates in the US. So that was that. There are also companies like Zoe Clothing Co, Olive Tree Promise and Scarlet Threads that offer both adoption fund-raising packages and their own charitable works. All great stuff, but it wasn't for us. We don't need a specific sum in order to finalise our adoption. We have all the fees we need. We'd just like a bit extra to cover things like buying furniture for his room, new clothes so he doesn't go to his new school wearing clothes he brings from the orphanage, and so on. Swimming lessons. A bicycle. Not the kinds of things you do fund-raising drives for. So to cut a long story short, I'm thinking about trying to generate a little bit of extra revenue through unobtrusive advertising/affiliate links. I'm not even sure if there are advertisers out there who would pay me, but we'll see!

The reason I am posting about it now is that I have occasionally seen readers on other blogs get very upset about advertising and I'm curious whether it's something anyone who reads this blog would be upset by?  Let me know.

Edit: Holy cow, I take that "we have enough money" thing back o.0 A significant number of flights across the country and a couple of weeks of hotel bills just got added on that we had not budgeted for. Things are going to be tight.
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  1. Advertise away! The content in your blog is more than worth the slight annoyance of some advertising. Besides it's for a great cause.

  2. Thank you for commenting, and for your supportive words!

  3. Absolutely no objection!
    If you give me his sizing and your address, I'd love to send you a care package... a "baby" shower present :)

    1. Have I told you recently how very incredibly lovely you are?!


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