Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Leaf Enhancement

This lovely little waterfall is about 5 km from our house
This past summer was my sixth in Japan, and it was (is) by far the driest and longest (and typooniest). In five and a half weeks it will be winter; yesterday was so hot that I wore a tank top and took the dogs to the river for a swim (they swam, I paddled~ it's not that deep!). This autumn has been hotter than midsummer in Tasmania.

Local river
The trees have been deeply confused. Friends who live further north have shared pictures on facebook of cherry trees blossoming. In our neighbourhood the leaves remain stubbornly green, despite the calendar. The neighbourhood association has done the only thing viable given the circumstances: seasonal-corrective treatment. AKA, plastic autumnal foliage affixed with wire. 

PS Yo, Brittney! Brittney Dalton! I've been wanted to get in touch but can't find you. Drop me a line :)
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  1. Interesting way to adapt to global climate change. Plastic leaves? I hope they don't use cotton balls for snow in Tsukahara this winter.


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