Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wrist Cutter's Diet

I just wrote about Tiger and his perception of woman=dieting, then shortly afterwards found a page
where Japanese blogger "wrist-cutter" intermixes graphic images of self-harm with updates on his weight-loss.

On October 29th he skips all three meals. On October 28th he writes
死んじゃえば楽になるのに。[It would be easier if I died]
[...]早く死んじゃえばいいのに。[It would be better to die quickly]
October 27th shows his bleeding arm and a cut-throat razor in a bowl of thick blood.

I wrote before about my experiences with JHS students and self harm. It isn't surprising to see a blog in which extreme dieting and cutting are intermingled; many eating disorders are at heart self-harming. It's still upsetting. It's also an important reminder that men are affected just as negatively.
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