Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Shiba Plan of Evil (Winter)

They were a lot more snuggly when they were puppies
It's hard to keep warm in a Japanese house. We usually try to pick a single room and do everything in that one room, with the doors closed all over the house in a short of attempt at airlocks to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

You can't tell, but in three minutes she is going to jump up and insist that she will ACTUALLY DIE unless I let her into the hallway, which she will sniff once before deciding to come back to bed.
All through summer the dogs happily sleep throughout the day in whatever comfy spot they choose. As soon as it gets colder, they develop the urge to roam, getting up what seems like every ten minutes and asking to be let in and out of room for seemingly no purpose other than to ruin my life. They particularly like going out to the garden and then waiting exactly the time it take for me to get back under the kotatsu before wanting to come inside again.They scratch at the door and whine as though they will die of cold if I don't open the door immediately. I jump up (again), open the door and then... they just sit and stare at me while all my warmth gets sucked out into the garden and the wind blows into the house.
I hate clothes on animals, but her first winter Kuri's undercoat didn't grow in and she couldn't stay warm, so we had to put this coat on her. I promise it was necessary!

Shiba are evil.
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  1. Like you don't put clothes on dogs, I don't usually like to call them "cute", but damn... I'm in Oita now! Nakatsu to be precise, so my plan of finally meeting you and playing with your dogs is getting closer.

    1. Yes! I saw your post but didn't get around to commenting yet. Welcome to Oita, very happy to have you! Still pretty far away from us, but definitely more manageable. Traveling is a bit tricky for us atm but if you decide to do some traveling in the winter break and head down our way, do let me know! We can go play in the snow on Mt Yufu (for approximately ten minutes before the wussy dogs decide it's time to get back under the kotatsu).

    2. Sweet! I'm actually headed to Oita City tonight and then Miyazaki the next day for a little sight seeing and then a big meeting for work. Oita City is farther than I thought but will definitely be making trips every now and then, maybe especially to Yufuin for mountains and onsen. Maybe if there's a festival or something going on here in Nakatsu you'll have an excuse to check it out!

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