Thursday, 16 January 2014

Honda Festival

We have a friend who works for Honda, in a research and development subsidiary. He invited us to attend the company summer festival, which I think was mainly for the families of employees (a lot of Japanese companies host similar events). Our friend competes in triathlons and is a paralympic swimmer while I regularly trip over my own feet and have to stop for a breather climbing stairs, so I’ve never given all that much thought to the fact that he is a person with a disability until we got to the festival and realised that all of the staff were also. The facility itself was amazing, from wheelchair accessible desks in the offices right through to hands-down the most accessible toilet I’ve ever seen. 

Seriously, check this baby out
In a society where differently able people are in many ways segregated (kids who use wheelchairs attend a separate school, for example) it was encouraging to experience an environment where the value of someone’s work was not being prejudged by the limitations of their body. 

On the other hand, this stunt rider from the festival is clearly TWELVE YEARS OLD!! Someone get him off that bike before he misses his cartoons!
I’ve always liked Honda bikes; I’ve found them economical, reliable and nicely styled but I’ve never felt any particular “brand loyalty”. That changed, after the festival. I’m now a dedicated Honda fan.
Kamen Rider Double Bike
Plus, Honda make Kamen Rider's bikes! Source:
 PS I think it should be obvious, but just to be sure, this is in no way a sponsored post or in any other way connected to the Honda corporation other than the subject matter.
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