Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Eating Rice Weevils 米食べる虫を食べること

Image by Swamysk
Periodically we get weevil infestations. We have a lot of grains in the house, and despite allegedly "airtight" containers, zip lock bags, dried chilis, bay leaves and every other idea we have heard of, they still manage to get through. The past few months have been busy so we've been eating a lot of fast easy foods like pasta instead of putting more time into cooking. I pulled out some quinoa flakes the other day to mix into my porridge (I think that's oatmeal in American?) and noticed the tell-tale cobwebbing. Sure enough, the rice, cornmeal, quinoa, instant mashed potato, cous cous, flour and even some of our spices are all infected. At the moment they are larvae, not full-fledged weevils:
Image by Kyopia
 Since we absolutely do not have the money to just throw away that much food, most of it imported, I suggested microwaving or freezing it to kill the larvae then eating it all anyway. This completely freaked out my darling husband, which I found quite interesting... I am (otherwise) a vegetarian while he eats meat. It seems hilarious that he would get squeamish about eating these tiny insects while I, a fourth-generation vegetarian, thought it was the obvious way to go. Don't get me wrong, I think it is gross, but they are going to die either way (if we threw everything away they'd end up incinerated) and after all, insect larvae are an environmentally friendly source of dense protein. Unswayed by my logic, the man has sworn off all grains until the infected batches are safely out of the house.
In the meantime, he refuses to watch me eating my porridge. 
Tastes better with berries.
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  1. I've eaten rice weevils! But not in Japan...

    1. I'm pretty sure everyone has eaten them, whether they were aware of it or not ;)

  2. It's important to choose the lesser of two weevils ....

  3. Store your grains and other tempting foods in the freezer or fridge. It's the only way I've had any luck curbing the infestations.


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