Sunday, 1 June 2014

Science! Look Mummy, SCIENCE!

Stolen from where it even comes on t-shirts!
I came home from work one day, and Tiger was watching Tom and Jerry. Boulders were rolling down a hill and a witch turned them into dandy lions. "Mummy, SCIENCE!" Tiger shouted, pointing excitedly at the television. The man person smiled and shook his head.

The program was Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz, which is wrong for a lot of reasons but I was at work so it isn't my fault. Anyway. Tiger wanted to know why the Wizard wasn't helping them, and the man person tried to explain that he couldn't actually do magic, his tricks look like magic but really he uses science. Between the man's imperfect grasp of Japanese and Tiger's imperfect grasp of reality, the take away message became magic=science, but this is a big secret. Thrilled with his discovery (he likes being in on secrets), Tiger spent the next few weeks yelling "SCIENCE!" whenever anything fantastical happened on television. While walking to school one day he asked if there was anyone who could really do magic, and I said no, which he didn't like. He thought about it for a little while then said "there are people who can do magic, except it's really science, right?" That's my boy, channeling Arthur C. Clarke's third law before he's even figured out how to brush his teeth f(^_^;

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  1. I love this so much! I also happen to own said design as a t-shirt. I wear it proudly when I do science at work.
    I think he needs to know that although magic is great, science is sooo much better. As another of my science t-shirts says "science let's you prove others are dumb."

    1. Of course you do my nerdy friend <3
      I wonder if your co-workers find it scary that you are going to "try" science though... perhaps a little more confidence would be good given your line of work XD

    2. Nah, trying is pretty accurate :)
      I especially love that the little figure is holding a calculator. That will definitely help with the sciencing.


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