Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Charity Cycling, Foundation 18, and Bloggers Matter

Pre-Ride Yoga, 2010 Ride, Day 2
 This weekend is the 16th Annual Oita AJET Charity Bike Ride, a big event on the Kyushu ex-pat calendar. Both foreigners of a dozen nationalities and Japanese participants travel from all over the country to take part (eight different prefectures are being represented this year). Riders and volunteers fund-raise throughout the two-day, two-prefecture-long ride. In the past the ride has supported tsunami victims in Japan and raised enough in one ride to build a primary school in Sri Lanka through Room to Read. This year the ride is supporting Foundation 18, a charity whose primary focus is an orphanage (with a second soon to be built) in Indonesia. Foundation 18 is providing a culturally appropriate upbringing for the girls in its care (rarer than you might think) and also has a range of other activities in the broader community including helping women escape from human trafficking and caring for elderly people without families.
If you would like to support Foundation 18 you can donate as little or as much as you like via paypal here. If you donate after reading this, please write Oita Charity Bike Ride in the donation comments and leave a comment here too so we can include you in our tally ;) If you want to help out Foundation 18 and also love buttons, check out SkullButtonry. The profits from this lovely Etsy shop all go to Foundation 18. International shipping is reasonable (I bought a bunch myself).

So why do bloggers matter? Well, this is a very small blog and it really doesn’t matter. However, being an occasionally lonely ex-pat some time ago I searched for other Australian ex-pat blogs and found the wonderful 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle. One day Kirsty posted about the also wonderful Edenland, so I followed the link and started reading that blog as well. Eden blogs from time to time about Cate Bolt, Foundation 18 and SkullButtonry. It was as a result of all these loosely connected events that I was able to suggest Foundation 18 to the Oita AJET committee as a charity to consider supporting with this year’s bike ride. So in summary, a charity in Indonesia run by an Australian is being supported by a bunch of people from all over the world cycling through Japan as a result of a chain of blog posts beginning in Doha. 

Bloggers matter.

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