Wednesday, 27 March 2013

J-Bloggers' Carnival: Submissions Invited

Blog carnivals are a lot of fun, but Japan-related bloggers don't seem to have many (any?) to participate in. I guess it's too broad and diverse a category to easily bring together, but I'm going to try anyway, because I think that very diversity would be interesting. So without further ado, I am putting out a call for J-bloggers interested in participating in a carnival themed "Eat, Drink, Cook". The theme is intentionally broad; feel free to write on whatever related topic takes your fancy. I only ask that it has some connection with Japan, and that it be an original (previously unpublished) piece. Ideas could include anything from your favourite 'how to make a cake in a rice cooker recipe' to tales of 'fear and loathing in Kitakyushu' or your first natto eating experience.

If you have an account with Blog Carnival you can submit through the website by clicking here. If not, please email me at sopheliajapan:at:gmail:dot:com with “carnival” in the topic line. Please include a text version of your post in the body of your email. Unless pictures are essential to understanding the post there is no need to send them to me; if your post is a photo essay please email me for specific instructions. In addition to your post, please include the title and URL of your blog, an “about” of no more than four sentences, your name (as it appears on your blog) and the URL of the post you will be publishing for the carnival. If you don’t know how to find the URL for an unpublished post, please click here to see a guide.
The submission deadline is April 20th. Spring carnival posts will be published on Saturday April 27th.
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  1. The Blog Of Everything Japan

  2. Excellent stuff!! I'ma draft something up! :)

  3. Hi! Sophelia. I just read about your blog carnival but the deadline seems to have been passed. Can I still join you? :)
    I am a Malaysian who studies in Japan. My blog topics are about Japanese culture shock, people, communication, and Japan life. I just bought a camera and planning to produce some videos related to my Japan discoveries. This is my blog link
    Is it still okay to join you blog carnival :)

    1. Hello! This carnival is finished, but I will get in touch if I do another one (I would love you to join in). Some of the bloggers who were going to join this one didn't make the deadline and are interested in maybe doing another one... if you have any ideas for good topics please let me know :)


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