Friday, 28 February 2014

Ninja Village [Roll of 28 (20, 21, 22, 23)]

Nice view while looking for fleas
Reason #2 for the long time between photos is that my older sister came to visit so we have been busy hanging out with monkeys, ninja and playing in the snow.
Love Japan's sunny winters
We were chased by this ninja, but Tiger defeated him
Ninja horse rides
Ninja star range
Family fun
Ninja Turkey!
Take that!
It all got too much for Papa

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  1. Nice pics! Where is Ninja Village? Monkeys on the roof...pretty cool.

    1. The ninja village is just on the Nagasaki side of the Saga-Nagasaki boarder. Pretty far, but we were picking my sister up from Fukuoka airport so we were already on the road. Did you know that there is a Kyushu Ninja Association? Well, there is. Seriously! The ninja village website is
      The monkeys are at Takazaki-yama (^_^)v


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