Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Signs of Three [Roll of 28 (5)]

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The first few nights Tiger was staying with us, I kept photographing things... with a nod to Sherlock I'll call them signs of three. Two shinkansen tickets leaving, three coming home. Three pairs of shoes by the door. Three toothbrushes in the bathroom.

It wasn't just me though. Tiger collects threes and fives (either "mama, papa, boku" or the afore-mentioned three plus Kuri and Hayate). He brings home three sided rocks, flowers with five petals, even segments of his lunch time mandarin that have three seeds in.

In this comic he just drew me, I am sick (ignore the barely erased dinosaur beneath me). He cares for me, papa hoists him up on his shoulders, and we have dinner. He carefully drew three chairs and three bowls of rice.
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