Thursday, 13 February 2014

Roll of 28 (13)

Still snowing. I always feel like Mr Tumnus when I use an umbrella in the snow, but that's the done thing here.
The red new growth on this blossom tree looks brighter than ever against the snow and black branches
I'm not the only one who thinks the snow is magical. Two little boys disappeared into these bushes and came out the other side as snow-boys.

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  1. I sometimes miss the snow, and these pictures help me get a taste of it again. Thanks so much!
    It is around 85F/29C in the winter here... some days we get down to 65F/18C. (Those are coat-wearing days!)

    1. Wow! That's... really not coat wearing weather ;) Feel free to come visit anytime *hint hint nudge nudge"!


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